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Anyone who sees life as anything more than pure entertainment, is missing the point.

George Carlin 1937-2008


In the 18th century, “The Enlightenment,” people understood that information was self empowering. During a period of trying to escape tyranny, people knew that hidden information caused reliance on those that knew and hid what they needed to know. Rulers and upperclassmen withheld education from the lower class in order to retain a controlling power. However, with the flight of the printing press, books, and industrialization, this allowed for mass communication and the exchange of knowledge that can increase independent power and devour reliance on a corrupt system. So the blueprints of what we call “news” was developed.

Originally the news was supposed to give us information to help us become more independent and more elaborate thinkers. News is communication that keeps us informed of the changing events, issues, and characteristics of the world outside. Though it may be interesting or even entertaining, the foremost value of news is a utility to empower the informed. The purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments. But the point not being made is that humans don't exist to be part of a giant entity or large group. Everyone and thing exists individually. Where has there ever been a large successful group of people that has endured over time?

The news today obliterates independence and has resulted into reverse of what was originally intended. The media today has caused us to become over-reliant, unthinking, timid, anxious, fearful, lustful, and worst of all, illusion-chasers. Today's news is saturated with sentiment, advertisement, whether political or business, and matters that lead the viewers towards dependency. Furthermore, forcefully grouping people into categories. Things are only categorized to be managed and controlled. Perhaps the news can be best described as a cult of the ruling class—abide accordingly to the world portrayed in the media or else.

We’re often oversaturated with responsibilities, worries, threats, trivialities, misinformation and false hopes that we forget the main reason we’re here. It’s for us. We’re born with our own set of distinct characteristics, yet they are constantly exploited to the will of the corporate masters. Unfortunately, in most cases it's voluntarily. We have 3-5 good years of settling into life then all of a sudden, school begins. Our parents entertain our instincts for a few years then immediately dowse us with illogical responsibilities for development set forth by a system, making reflection on the intrinsic values given to us individually impossible to explore. In other words, we're forced to fight nature. In turn, we disregard life’s lessons given to us and follow along systems of falsehood. How often are we prevented from using the bathroom or forced to sleep and awake against our circadian rhythms? How often is motivation restrained due to being forced to wait based on age, time, or other unnecessary prerequisites?  

Life has an inherent driving force that we have come to call nature. Nature has a set of principles it has set before everything physical, metaphysical, and the energy that drives it. These principals are relative and applicable to everything under the realm of nature (life). The key is to understand these principles in order to keep life going. However, violating the principles of nature leads to self destruction and the human species specifically has come to violate many of these principles leading to its entropy. Nature's apparent principle's have been overcome by vain human standards and laws leading to extinction. And in case there is a realization that we're being overcome by a fictitious system, police and military people with guns are there to ensure intelligence doesn't rise. 

Nature teaches life, but detachment from nature has persisted due to lack of knowledge of it stripped by media and human made propaganda. Although nature is made to seem mystic and unrealistic, it's actually quite simple and graspable if one will take time to reflect on their own feelings, thoughts, and physicality. Where there's feeling there is life. Hurt is a friendly reminder that we are alive. Happiness is a friendly reminder of why we're alive. What do we have if these feelings are omitted?   

Life itself has its own newspaper or its own media channel. Bits of information it delivers through thoughts, coincidences, and its experiences it presents to us, based on natural order, not indoctrinating, biased, sentimental disinformation. Perhaps, putting signs life sends to us into words or pictures helps elaborate a clearer message--life’s newspaper. 

"What is the meaning of life?" has been over complicated. It's only complicated if we ignore our self. If we don't respond to what our individual desires, wants, talents, and strengths and weaknesses, it will be quite confusing. Furthermore, being forced to rely on man made bullshit such as money, jobs, and education, just separates someone further from them self because their life becomes dedicated to surviving off the man made bullshit.

So what is the meaning of life?--to build our strongest possible self (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and be a reliable service to others. What's more fulfilling?


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